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October 27
The railroad fuel surcharge will remain at 20% for November. RBL rates will roll over with the exception of the RSCQs from Indianapolis CY via Chicago G4 which will expire at the end of October. In addition the $50 rate reduction on 40-ft high cubes headed to Portland will expire on October 31st.
October 10
"K" Line is short of 40-ft high cubes in Portland. Beginning with all new bookings made tomorrow and continuing through the end of October, Rail-Bridge will reduce the 40-ft high cube rate from all origins to Portland by $50. Select here for more information.
September 28
Today is the last day that 40-ft high cube domestic empty returns will go to UP Brooklyn. Select here for more information.
September 8
We've had some issues with IMCs not returning 45-ft containers to the proper location in Vancouver. Select here for the proper return locations.