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May 25
Dear Shippers, Rail-Bridge's fuel surcharge for June will be 17%. All rates will roll over, including Dallas to Long Beach 40' Rate. Reduced rates when picking up empties from Evansville CY, Walts Drive-A-Way, and returning the loads to St. Louis. Reduced rates when picking up empties from Indianapolis CY, Central States and returning the loads to Chicago G4.
May 16
Dear Shippers, Effective today, 5/16/17, Rail-Bridge is reducing our 40‑ft Dallas to Long Beach (ICTF) rate! The new rate will be effective through June 30, 2017. If the trial period is successful, we will work to extend the rate further. As with all of our other loads headed to Long Beach, empty containers can be returned to ULS. In Dallas, mounted empty containers are sourced from Winners Container Services and loads headed to ICTF move out of UP's DIT terminal.
May 12
Dear Shippers,  Rail-Bridge has a surplus of mounted 40-ft containers at our Indianapolis CY, Central States.  In order to get the CY cleaned out, Rail-Bridge is temporarily reducing rates on the containers pulled from Central States and returned loaded to G4. These lower rates will remain in effect through the end of the month. Please include the RSCQ number on your shipping instructions to obtain the lower rate. Thanks for your support!
May 10
Effective Monday May 15th, all 40-ft standard and 40-ft high cube domestic loads picked up at UP Brooklyn should be returned empty to Brooklyn UP. All of the units must be pre-billed using the K Line pre billing application (https://ecommerce.kline.com/PreBilling/). The empty booking number is EPDX1660. 20-ft and 45-ft empty returns will continue to go back to NWC. Thanks as always for your help!
April 26
RBL's railroad fuel surchrge for May will be 17.5%. Most rates will rollover with the exception of the 40 foot rate from Houston to Long Beach. This includes the Evansville rate over St. Louis. Contact your representative for these rates.
February 22
Rail-Bridge rates have been updated for March 2017. The updated FAK Charge Matrix is available from your representative. The monthly fuel surcharge for March will continue to be 17.5%.