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Consolidation of Rail-Bridge Operations in Louisville at Norfolk Southern

May 18, 2012

RBC is working to consolidate our operations in Louisville at the Norfolk Southern Applicance Park. Beginning Monday, May 21st, IMCs may leave loads including the chassis at Norfolk Southern. You will no longer have to bring the empty chassis back to our CY, Kentucky Container.

Norfolk Southern address:

Norfolk Southern Appliance Park
4319 Heller St.
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 479-5401

As equipment builds at Norfolk Southern, most likely around the beginning of June, IMCs will begin to pick up empty containers at Norfolk Southern instead of Kentucky Container. Eventually, after the initial phase, all empties will be picked up at Norfolk Southern and loads will be returned to Norfolk Southern. There will no longer be any split pick-ups or drop-offs of chassis.

Please contact Abby Eckert if you have questions:

Abby Eckert
EMail: Abby Eckert
The Rail-Bridge Corp
890 Mountain Ave
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
PH: 908-286-1546