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New Procedure and Daily Rate Charge

for use of "K" Line Chassis at Some Locations

January 4, 2013

Important notice for Motor Carriers who interchange with "K" Line in the following locations:

Ayer MA
Baltimore MD
Buffalo NY
Croxton NJ (NY/NJ Rail Ramp)
Denver CO (through the CCM pool)
Minneapolis MN
Philadelphia PA
Salt Lake City UT (through the CCM pool)

Note: Additional locations will be phased in beginning February 1 and later.
Select here for dates of additional locations that will be added to BCS.

This advance message is being sent to make you aware of the change and so that you can prepare accordingly.

On January 7th, "K" Line will stop providing free chassis for International Merchant Haulage (CY delivery/ receipt) and RailBridge Domestic moves at the above listed locations. Bridge Chassis Supply LLC (BCS) will operate the "K" Line fleet and will make this fleet available for motor carrier use at these locations. The chassis are made available through UIIA interchange terms for which BCS is a party and all users of the chassis must be a party.

Understand that these chassis are available at the same locations for which "K" Line has been providing chassis today with no new split chassis requirements. There is no change in the operations related to using these chassis for "K" Line containers than today's workings of this fleet.

Weekly invoices covering per diem rental/use billing as detailed in BCS’s UIIA addendum will be issued. Note that there will be no billing on container moves picked up prior to January 7th even if the chassis/container combination remain out after January 7th. At the above and future locations, motor carriers will be billed a daily rate for the use of the chassis. The clock starts on out-gate (or the day the street turn is called in) and stops on in-gate.

BCS appreciates your business. More details, including other locations that will be phased into BCS as of February 1 or later, can be found by visiting the BCS’s UIIA addendum or visiting www.BridgeChassisSupply.com. Select here for dates of additional locations that will be added to BCS..