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Canadian Pacific (CP) Storage Charges

May 24, 2013

CP has not been billing storage in Vancouver directly to the trucker/IMC taking out the box. RBC has received approximately 50 storage invoices from CP and we will be billing these back to the appropriate IMC. CP's free time in Vancouver is 2 days including weekends, and storage is $100/day after the free time expires. We are working with CP to try and get them to bill the trucker/IMC directly but until this can be changed, RBC will continue to bill IMCs CP storage charges plus an administrative fee.

Asset Supplier: Customer Supplied
Type: Privates including marines in US and cross border service
Group 3*
All days the terminal is open count within free days.
First 5 Chargeable Days: $100
Subsequent Days: $150

* All terminals other than Group 1 (Calgary, Edmonton, Vaughan and Lachine) and Group 2 (Bensenville and Minneapolis).