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July 1st L.A.-Long Beach California Chassis Change

May 31, 2013

Important notice for Motor Carriers and IMCs who handle Rail Bridge Corporation (RBC - "K" Line) domestic containers in the L.A.-Long Beach Southern California region.

On July 1st 2013, "K" Line will stop providing/interchanging chassis for RBC Domestic units in the L.A.-Long Beach Southern California region.

RBC containers will continue to be mounted onto LA Basin Pool (LABP) chassis when they are deramped as they are today, but motor carriers will need to contract directly with Flexi-Van for the interchange and use of LABP chassis. When LABP chassis are used, all rental billing and other interchange terms will be subject to this direct agreement between Flexi-Van and the motor carrier.

Motor carriers may use owned or other leased (non-LABP) chassis for RBC units, however any associated costs (flips etc.) are the responsibility of the motor carrier.

There is no change in the operations related to using these chassis for Rail Bridge containers under this billing change.
Special Arrangement: Flexi-Van is developing the means to bill IMC’s directly for chassis rental charges. This would help to reduce the administrative effort related to motor carriers being billed and then billing back the IMC on a shipment by shipment basis.