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"K" Line Greater Chicago Chassis Change Update

Date: August 5, 2013

Chicago, Rochelle, Joliet, Bensenville, Northlake IL, Milwaukee WI, Indianapolis IN, Detroit, Battle Creek MI, and the surrounding areas.

On September 16th, "K" Line will stop providing free chassis for Rail Bridge Domestic moves at the above listed locations. The chassis are made available through UIIA interchange terms for which Bridge Chassis Supply (BCS) is a party and all users of the chassis must be a party. Understand that these chassis are available at the same locations for which "K" Line has been providing chassis today with no new split chassis requirements. There is no change in the current operations related to using these chassis for "K" Line containers.

Motor Carriers will receive weekly invoices covering per diem rental/use billing as detailed in BCS's UIIA addendum will be issued. Note that there will be no billing on container moves picked up prior to the implementation dates even if the chassis/container combination remain out after the implementation date.

BCS appreciates your business. More details can be found by visiting the BCS's UIIA addendum or visiting www.BridgeChassisSupply.com.

Please direct any questions you may have BridgeChassisSupply.