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Rail-Bridge Logistics - Bookings to Portland by Origination and Container Size

Date: August 12, 2013

Currently, RBC will accept 40-ft bookings to Portland as listed below.  20-ft bookings remain open from all locations and 45-ft bookings are limited to just a few system wide per week.  Please check with the local office prior to booking a 45-ft to Portland.

Origin 20-ft 40-ft
High Cube
Ayer Yes No Yes Limited
Chicago G2 Yes No No No
Chicago G3 Yes No No No
Chicago G4 Yes No No No
Cincinnati Yes Yes Yes Limited
Cleveland Yes Yes Yes Limited
Columbus Yes Yes Yes Limited
Dallas Yes Yes Yes Limited
Detroit Yes No Yes Limited
Georgetown Yes Yes Yes Limited
Houston Yes No Yes Limited
Huntsville Yes No Yes Limited
Kansas City Yes No Yes Limited
Louisville Yes Yes Yes Limited
Memphis Yes No Yes Limited
Minneapolis Yes No Yes Limited
Pittsburgh Yes Yes Yes Limited
St. Louis Yes No Yes Limited