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RBC has Joined a New Chassis Pool in Detroit and Cincinnati

26 August 2014

Effective last week, "K" Line/RBC joined the CCM pools (COCP and GCCP) in the following locations:

Chicago G2, G3 & G4, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville

On September 1, 2014, "K" Line/RBC will join the CCM pool (GCCP) in the Gulf. By joining these pools "K" Line's has combined its chassis fleet with those of other lines who are already supplied chassis from the pools. This should better meet "K" Line's on-going demand which can fluctuate greatly from day to day. These fluctuations are smoothed out by having access to the larger inventory when other lines have demands which also fluctuate. For the most part RBC's operations should not change. In Chicago, equipment picked up or street turned from G2, G3 or G4 should continue to be returned to the same location.

Rail-Bridge has joined a new chassis pool in Detroit and Cincinnati, and the ops have changed. Updated information is available on the Hub Locations page for Detroit and Cincinnati.

Containers are no longer mounted at Mason Dixon. Trucker's must fill out the COCP booking Request Document and send it to cocp-reservation@ccmpool.com.

Also, in Cinncinnati, all equipment is now sourced from Mason Dixon - 20s, 40s and 45s. So you can get rid of the 20s getting sourced from NS and you can get rid of talking about what size box at Mason.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Abby Eckert
The Rail-Bridge Corp
890 Mountain Ave
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
PH: 908-286-1546

Below is a list of Chassis Pool by Location

The Rail-Bridge Logistics

Chassis Pools
Terminal Chassis Pool Chassis Pool Website
Atlanta, GA SACP www.ccmpool.com
Ayer (Boston), MA BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Bensenville, IL No Pool - use G2 for equipment  
Birmingham, AL (1) SACP www.ccmpool.com
Calgary, AB No Pool - trucker wheels  
Chicago (Global 2),IL COCP www.ccmpool.com
Chicago (Global 3),IL COCP www.ccmpool.com
Chicago (Global 4),IL COCP www.ccmpool.com
Cincinnati, OH COCP www.ccmpool.com
Cleveland, OH COCP www.ccmpool.com
Columbus, OH COCP www.ccmpool.com
Croxton, NJ Metro www.tracintermodal.com
Dallas, TX GCCP (effective 9/1) www.ccmpool.com
Denver, CO DCCP www.ccmpool.com
Detroit, MI COCP www.ccmpool.com
Edmonton, AB No Pool - trucker wheels  
El Paso, TX GCCP (effective 9/1) www.ccmpool.com
Georgetown, KY BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Houston, TX GCCP (effective 9/1) www.ccmpool.com
Huntsville, AL BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Kansas City, MO MWCP www.ccmpool.com
Long Beach, CA LABP (Flexivan) www.flexi-van.com
Louisville, KY COCP www.ccmpool.com
Marysville, OH BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Memphis, TN (2) MCCP www.ccmpool.com
Minneapolis, MN BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
New Orleans, LA GCCP(effective 9/1) www.ccmpool.com
Oakland, CA BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Omaha, NE BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Pittsburgh, PA BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
Portland, OR BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
San Antonio, TX GCCP(effective 9/1) www.ccmpool.com
Seattle, WA BCS www.bridgechassissupply.com
St. Louis, MO MWCP www.ccmpool.com
Vancouver, BC No Pool - trucker wheels