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Canadian Pacific (CP) Contingency Plans Regarding Possibility of Work Stoppage

17 February 2015

The TCRC Strike is over, CP has confirmed that the embargo to/from Edmonton and Winnipeg has been rescinded.


13 February 2015

Dear Shippers,  Here is a bulletin from CP and their contingency plans regarding the possibility of an upcoming work stoppage. As it pertains to RBC, effective immediately, CP will not accept shipments moving to Edmonton. 


From: cpr.ca
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 3:32 PM
To: Lockwald, Matt (KAM.CHI)
Subject: Customer Station Bulletin

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Customer Station Bulletin

Customer Bulletin: Intermodal Update

In line with recent communications, CP is presently working on the safe and orderly reduction of train services as it prepares contingency plans for the possibility of an upcoming work stoppage. 

CP Intermodal service continues to all origins and destinations with the exceptions outlined below.

Effective immediately, we will not be accepting intermodal volume into our terminals for shipments running to or from Winnipeg, Edmonton and Detroit.  Where CP offers door service, it will not be providing empties or picking up shipments destined to these locations, but will continue to deliver inbound loads that are available.

Where customers have CP equipment at their facilities related to load tenders for movements to and from the Edmonton and Winnipeg markets, equipment should be released empty to CP to prevent origin detention.

Where customers have picked up empty equipment for shipments touching the Edmonton and Winnipeg markets, equipment should be returned to the origin terminal to prevent origin detention.

Where customers have equipment in their pools, CP will manage these pool sizes down in coming days, and will address any related origin detention.

To view or subscribe to updates on embargoed locations, please click here.

CP will continue to keep you informed on further developments.

Thank you for working with CP during this time.

Mathieu Faure
Marketing & Sales Intermodal
Canadian Pacific