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Ayer, MA Embargo Update – Temporary Ingate Closure

9 March 2016

Norfolk Southern continues to monitor the operational situation on the PanAm RR caused by the unprecedented series of snow storms that have impacted New England.  Most of the traffic backlog that existed when the embargo was enacted has been moved to Ayer.

With the inflow of traffic to Ayer, parking has become congested. There is still a substantial amount of snow that needs to be removed from the facility so that all available parking areas can be utilized.

In order to help alleviate the facility congestion, we will be closing the in-gates at Ayer to all loaded and empty traffic effective at 9:00am Monday, March 9th.  The in-gate will remain closed until further notice. The out-gates at Ayer will remain open and we encourage all customers to pick-up their traffic from Ayer as soon as notification is received.

We regret the inconvenience the extended embargo and gate closures have caused our customers and are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Please contact Intermodal Customer Service at 800-497-2919 for any additional information or logon to accessNS for shipment updates.