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"K" Line is always pushing RBC for more 40-ft loads to Vancouver.

25 March 2015

"K" Line is always pushing RBC for more 40-ft loads to Vancouver, so if you have any, we would love to have them!!!  Also,  for those origins where we cannot serve Vancouver via CP, please feel free to ship the container to Seattle, flip it to trucker wheels and then drop the container in Vancouver once it has been unloaded. I’ve come across a bunch of cases where shippers thought they had to bring the empty container back to Seattle.    Here are the locations for empty returns in Vancouver (must use trucker wheels – do not take our chassis to Vancouver!).

Drop Empty
40' Standard

Columbia Containers
2775 Commissioner Street
PH: 604.254.9461

Drop Empty
40' High Cube

Coast Terminal
16080 Portside Rd
Richmond,BC V6W 1M1
PH: 604-270-3000

Thanks again for your business!!