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RBC is Opening Up an Eastbound Market, Chicago to Croxton

21 April 2015

RBC is opening up an eastbound market,  Chicago to Croxton,  for the next several weeks.  Shippers will book 40-ft standard or 40-ft high cube containers from Chicago G2 and  drop off the loaded container  at NS terminal at Chicago 63rd street.  The COCP chassis cannot be left at NS, but can be returned to any COCP locations receiving chassis on that day (www.ccmpool.com). 

At destination, shippers will pick up the mounted load at Croxton and return the empty container and chassis to Maher.  The 40-ft rate from Chicago to Croxton is $510 plus fuel. 

This market will likely be an on again, off again proposition.  We expect to be keep it on for three weeks this go around.  Listed below is the NS service schedule.

Origin: Chicago 63rd, IL, Destination: Croxton NJ (COFC/TOFC), Train: 20K

Cutoff 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200  
Avail.   2130 2130 2130 2130 2130 2130 2130

Thanks again for your business!!