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RBC is rolling over rates for the month of August with the exception of Portland

28 September 2015

RBC's capacity should remain strong for the forseeable future. "K" Line's import capacity has grown and imports remain strong. RBC has good equipment capacity throughout the Ohio valley, Chicago, Midwest and Gulf.

Chicago G2 & G4 Sale Rates to Long Beach & Oakland: We are one week into the sale from G2 & G4 to Long Beach and Oakland. Thanks to everyone who has given RBC additional volume! The sale will continue through this week. If volume continues to grow we will extend the sale, so please send us your business!! I welcome any feedback on how to make this program an even bigger success.

October Fuel: Fuel for October will be 16.5%.

RBC Rates: RBC's rates will roll over for October. I will send out a notice regarding the Chicago sale rates a bit later in the week.

Eastbound Domestic: RBC is continuing to work to develop a long term eastbound program moving from the interior of the country to east coast points including Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk and Croxton. I've included an eastbound sheet on the rate sheet which has some initial rates. We are looking to develop more, so please let me know if you have any opportunities.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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