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New Procedure for Returning Empty "K" Line 40-ft High Cube Standards at Portland

Beginning on Monday, 2/27, there will be a new procedure for returning empty "K" Line 40-ft high cube standards at Portland.   All empty 40-ft high cube containers returning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will return to Brooklyn UP instead of to NWC. Prior to in-gating the empty at Brooklyn UP, please have your drayman rail bill the units using the "K" Line pre billing application ( https://ecommerce.kline.com/PreBilling/ ) against empty booking EPDX1655. If your drayman does not already have access to the K Line pre billing application, they can register on the application. Each week, we will send out a new email with an updated booking number.

Empty 40-ft high cubes returning FRIDAY go back to NWC.  All 20-ft, 40-ft standard and 45-ft containers will continue to go back to NWC, not UP Brooklyn.