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Update on Moves to and Domestic Empty Returns for Seattle.

5 February 2015

Seattle: Effective immediately,  RBC will lift all volume restrictions on loads moving to Seattle.  As usual, domestic empty returns will terminate at our CY in Savannah.  We have made arrangements to keep our operations fluid and can now handle much larger volumes.  Send us your Seattle loads!!!

22 January 2015

Seattle: Congestion in the Seattle/Tacoma ports has worsened and the severe congestion is limiting how many empty containers “K” Line is able to dray from our CY, Savannah Yard, to the ports.  As a result of the poor empty outflow, RBC must immediately reduce the number of  domestic loads routed to Seattle.  Unfortunately this means RBC will not accept new domestic bookings to Seattle this week.  If you already have an approved booking to Seattle, you are fine to move it to Seattle.  Beginning next week, RBC will only be able to accept about half the volume that we’ve been moving to Seattle.  Please make sure you get approval from your RBC contact for new loads moving to Seattle.  For all Chicago ramps including Bensenville, select here to email Global 2 and for all other locations, select here to email our Chicago Transportation Center (CTC).   As soon as conditions improve, we will send out an update.


5 December 2014

Seattle: From November 26: The congestion in Seattle is improving slightly and RBC has been given permission to move a limited number of domestic loads to Seattle.  If anybody has containers that have already been loaded and have been waiting to move to Seattle via RBC, these loads will get first preference.  Please Select here to contact Global 2 via email for Chicago loads and select here to contact our Chicago Transportation Center (CTC) via email for all other locations.
Once we have taken care of those loads, we will also allow a limited number of new loads. Chicago locations will start with approving some street turn requests to Seattle. Again, please Select here to send these requests to Global 2 via email, or select here to contact our Chicago Transportation Center (CTC) via email for requests for all other locations (street turn or CY pick-up).


1 December 2014

Seattle:  As conditions in Seattle are slowly improving, RBC is allowing some domestic loads to move to Seattle this week. We do not want to overwhelm Seattle's local operations, so we are limiting the total number of new domestic bookings. Please check with your local booking office: ( Select here to contact Global 2 for Chicago origins via email and select here to contact our Chicago Transportation Center (CTC) via email for all other origins) to ensure you can move to Seattle. They will keep an overall tally of the number of loads we can move to Seattle this week.  Once the loads reach Seattle and are unloaded, the empty containers should be returned to our CY Savannah, as usual.


12 November 2014

Savannah's yard in Seattle can now accept domestic empty returns. Select here for Seattle Hub Information.


11 November 2014

A notice was just sent to the truckers in the Seattle area. Due to severe congestion in the Seattle & Tacoma area, Savannah's yard in Seattle is virtually full. Once this yard is full, RBC will not be able to accept empty returns. As of 11:50am Savanah's Yard in Seattle had 15 more spaces for empties. After that, it will close for empty receiving. Due to the ongoing labor issues in Seattle/Tacoma, we are unable to provide alternative CYs in the area in which empties can be terminated.


7 November 2014

Due to severe congestion resulting from recent and ongoing port labor slowdowns in Seattle and Tacoma, RBC is embargoing domestic traffic moving to Seattle effective immediately. RBC will rail bill any container that was out-gated empty today or prior to today, but should you choose to move these loads, expect severe delays at destination, including potential additional chassis, drayage, storage costs etc. RBC will lift the embargo as soon as conditions improve.