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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 5 - Definition of Terms

Actual Origin: The point at which a container is loaded.

Actual Destination: The point at which a container is emptied.

Actual Shipper: Person who loads cargo or a vehicle for transportation, or any person with an ownership or other legal interest in the cargo.

C.O.F.C.: Container on Flat Car.

Chassis: A wheel assembly constructed to accept mounting of containers.

Container: A reusable shipping conveyance, not less than twenty (20) feet in length nor more than forty-eight (48) feet in length, outside measurement, specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods by one or more modes of transport and fitted with devices to enable ready attachment to bogie or chassis.

Conventional Service: Refers to either generic stack or non-double stack movement.

Domestic Shipment: A shipment where the actual origin and actual destination of the cargo is within North America and the shipment of the cargo has no prior or subsequent water movement.

Gross Cargo Weight: Total weight of vehicle including cargo, packing materials, pallets and dunnage.

International Shipment: A shipment where the actual origin and/or actual destination is outside North America and/or shipment has prior or subsequent water movement.

Lading Weight: Weight of cargo within container.

Load: Arrangement, packaging, placement and securement of cargo within vehicle.

Notification or Notice: A party that is notified by telephone or fax that a vehicle is ready for loading/unloading or pickup/delivery. All shipments arranged by RBL move in "K" Line containers.

"K" Line Container: Any container owned, leased or controlled by Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. or "K" Line America, Inc.

Shipment: A quantity of freight tendered on one shipping document at one time for transportation between one point of origin and one point of destination.

Shipper: Any party involved with the transportation arranged by RBL: may be a wholesaler of intermodal transportation, an agent, association or motor carrier, or an Actual Shipper. All such persons accept all obligations of “Shipper” in this Circular.

T.O.F.C.: Trailer on Flat Car.

Terminal or Ramp: An intermodal facility used for loading, unloading and storing containers and trailers.

Ultimate Consignee: Receiver of goods. This may include agents, employees and independent contractors.

Vehicle: Container with or without bogie or chassis attached.