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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 7 - Requirement for the Tender of Each Shipment
  1. Shipper must provide complete and accurate shipping instructions to RBL at the designated RBL origin office (an up to date list is located on Rail-Bridge Logistics website) at least two hours prior to the time the container is tendered to the rail carrier. The advance shipping instructions are necessary to provide time for the EDI billing to flow through to the rail carrier and prevent gate delays. Shipping instructions must include the following:
    1. Container Identification (Initial and Number);
    2. Origin Rail Terminal;
    3. Destination Rail Terminal;
    4. RBL Reservation Number;
    5. Name of Shipper;
    6. Notify Party;
    7. Actual Shipper of Goods/Location Container to be loaded;
    8. Actual Receiver of Goods/Location Container to be unloaded;
    9. Lading Weight;
    10. Equipment Size;
    11. Seal Number;
    12. Commodity;
    13. Hazardous Material Description, if Applicable; and,
    14. RSCQ number if applicable.
  2. RBL may audit the information submitted by Shipper as to commodity, actual shipper of goods, actual receiver of goods, actual origin, actual destination, applied rate, and other applicable information. Shipper will, upon reasonable request, make available to RBL sufficient documentation to substantiate the above information. If the charge does not apply to the service actually provided then RBL will notify Shipper, who must correct such information immediately.
  3. RBL agrees to exercise reasonable care to protect the confidentiality of all commercial information provided by the Shipper.
  4. Should Shipper submit inaccurate shipping instructions or other shipment particulars to RBL, Shipper shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless RBL, its parent and affiliates for any liability, fines and/or fees that may occur as a result of the inaccuracy, including all legal fees and expenses.