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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 13 - Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement

RBL will only arrange interchange of shipments to motor carriers who maintain a current Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement (UIIA) on file with the IANA and "K" Line's UIIA Addendum Agreement; or, who sign a separate "K" Line Intermodal Interchange Agreement (KIIA). Interested motor carriers should contact "K" Line America's office in Richmond, Virginia for an application at the address listed below:

    "K" Line America, Inc.
    NOSC, attn. National Equipment Department
    8730 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 400
    Richmond, VA 23235.

Shipper is responsible for insuring that all truckers maintain a UIIA and Addendum on file and Shipper is responsible for all claims, losses or damages resulting from failure of a trucker to have a UIIA on file, including attorney's fees and costs, and will defend, hold harmless and indemnify RBL and "K" Line against all such liability.