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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 16 - Container Use Restrictions
  1. Shipper shall not load "K" Line containers via rail service to any destination not agreed to by RBL. Shipper shall route containers only over RBL approved routes and via approved rail carriers.
  2. Shipper shall promptly return containers and chassis (where RBL is still providing chassis) in good repair and serviceable condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Shipper shall return containers free of debris, lading, blocking, bracing, strapping, paper, unnecessary hazardous materials placards and contaminants, or shall pay RBL for the cost of their removal including any associated fines. Containers are often not opened for inspection during the terminal in-gate process and any debris, etc. may not be discovered until the box has been positioned overseas. The Shipper will remain responsible for the removal costs and associated fines.