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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 17 - Sourcing Empty Equipment
  1. To obtain empty "K" Line containers and/or chassis for domestic shipments through RBL, Shipper can make a reservation online via RBL's Reservation System on the Rail-Bridge Logistics website. Shipper must obtain an RBL reservation number prior to loading a box with domestic freight. For street turn shipments, Shipper must use the out-gate motor carrier of record and may not street interchange from one motor carrier to another.
  2. To obtain empty containers for international shipments, Shipper must contact their local "K" Line America Representative.
  3. It will be the Shipper's responsibility to inspect "K" Line containers carrying same for any structural defects, and Shipper is responsible for rejecting any such equipment, which has any defect. Neither RBL, nor "K" Line warrants any equipment to be free from defects. Shipper is responsible for the integrity of the equipment in their possession.