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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 24 - Charges
  1. Domestic charges may only be used for domestic traffic. International traffic cannot move under domestic charges.
  2. All domestic traffic tendered by Shipper for RBL-arranged transportation is governed by charges and conditions of service contained in the "RBL Charge Matrix" (FAK) or by a Rail-Bridge Logistics Special Customer Quotation (RSCQ). Unless specifically stated otherwise, all RSCQ or FAK charges include only ramp-to-ramp linehaul charges. If an RSCQ is being utilized, the RSCQ number must be included on the shipping instructions. Failure to indicate proper RSCQ on Shipping Instructions will result in tariff charge being assessed.
  3. Charges are subject to a rail fuel surcharge (FSC). The FSC is adjusted on the first day of each month. The applicable FSC is based upon the shipment's in-gate date.
  4. All charges will be published with specific effective and expiration dates. RBL may increase charges on not less than seven (7) days' written or e-mailed notice to Shipper. With proper notice, charges may be increased prior to the original expiration date. The charge is based upon the shipment's in-gate date.
  5. Seven (7) days prior to the expiration of the RBL Charges Matrix, RBL will provide Shipper with a copy of an updated matrix. Shipper may distribute copies to affiliated offices within its organization. However, RBL matrixes are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any party not directly affiliated with Shipper without the consent of RBL.
  6. In cases where RBL agrees to assist Shipper by paying railroad accessorial charges such as flips, storage, etc that are for the account of the Shipper and then billing the Shipper for these charges, RBL will access an administrative fee. RBL is not obligated to perform this service.