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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 26 - Loading Responsibility

Loading of container shall be at the Shipper's expense, Shipper shall be responsible for the exercise of due care in arranging, packaging, securing, blocking, bracing, and loading in a manner to prevent damage to container, cargo, and carrier's equipment or other property and shall comply with container limitations, Federal, State and Municipal, laws and the rules and regulations of the underlying rail carriers as set forth in the individual rail carriers' intermodal circulars, directories, memoranda and other documents. Shipper will defend, indemnify and hold RBL and "K" Line and all affiliates harmless for any claims involving loss or damage which may have been caused by breach of any obligation of Shipper under this Rules Circular by Shipper or any customer of Shipper or anyone acting for or on behalf of Shipper obligations including all attorney's fees and expenses connected with such claims or enforcement of this indemnity obligation.