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Rules Circular 2

Effective September 1, 2016
Item 27 - Liability and Claims for Loss & Damage to Cargo
  1. RBL arranges intermodal services across a North American network involving a number of rail and motor carriers. Shipper agrees that neither RBL nor any entity related to RBL or acting for RBL shall have any liability of any kind, including for cargo loss, damage or delay. The terms and conditions governing a participating carrier's liability and limitations on claims or suits are contained herein, in the railroad and motor carrier's governing publications, in the contractual provisions furnished herewith, and in applicable law.
  2. In the event a Shipper's cargo should suffer a loss or should be damaged during movement via RBL-arranged services, RBL will work on Shipper's behalf with the participating railroad(s) or any other potentially liable party to resolve loss and damage claims.
  3. Notice of any loss or damage must be brought to the rail carrier's and RBL's attention immediately, but no later than 24 hours after occurrence.