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Beginning March 17 the Booking System will be Enhanced for Street Turn Bookings

16 March 2015

RBC is excited to announce that effective tomorrow, Tuesday March 17th, we are enhancing RBC’s Booking System to include street turn bookings.  Instead of having to email or phone RBC to request a street turn booking, shippers will now be able to make a street turn booking through RBC’s Booking System.  This will give shippers much more flexibility for after-hours booking requests and will greatly speed the process for the majority of the street turns.  RBC has developed three Street Turn Categories.  For each origin and equipment type one of the following will be available:

  1. Street Turn:  Enter the container number, trucker SCAC and destination. Once this information is entered, there are three possible results:
    1. Street Turn is approved & you immediately receive a booking number: If the information matches in our system, you will immediately receive a Domestic Booking Number.
    2. Street Turn is denied: If the information doesn't match, the container is scheduled to be off-hired, or if that destination is not being accepted, the street turn will be rejected. If the street turn is rejected, please reach out to the local RBC office.
    3. Street Turn is forwarded for evaluation (turned into Request Street Turn): If the destination needs evaluation (for example RBC might have to limit volume to a particular destination), the street turn will be turned to a "Request Street Turn" and the request will be sent to our local RBC group for evaluation. RBC will confirm if the Street turn request can be authorized and will respond back to you by email within the same business day.
  2. Request Street Turn: Enter the container number, trucker SCAC and destination. Your local RBC contact will confirm if the Street Turn Request can be authorized and will respond back to you by email within the same business day. Generally "Request Street Turn" will be used by RBC when equipment is tight and we must evaluate each booking.
  3. No Street Turn: RBC cannot approve a street turn for that size/origin location at this time.

In addition to adding Street Turn Requests to RBC's Booking System, RBC has also added a destination field to the regular Booking System. At the time of making a booking, a destination field will pop up and you will be able to select the destination. One of the options will be "Destination not known". By adding a destination field to the booking process, RBC will be in a better position to manage issues at destination. For example, currently RBC is not allowing 45-ft containers to Portland. With the addition of destination, RBC will be able to inform IMCs of this restriction and not have to rely entirely on the notes section of the Booking System.

Select here for an example of the booking screen.

If you have any questions regarding the new system, please let us know! We are excited to continue to offer improvements to our booking process and to make it as efficient as possible!

As always, thank you for your business!